Internet statistics on RussiaImmediately say, that all data are based on the annual report of the RU-Center, Yandex and “POF” (Public Opinion Foundation). So there you go.

Russian population over the age of 16 years, semiannual Internet audience is – 37,900,000 people. This is about 32% of the population. A monthly Internet audience – 34,800,000 (29%).

Of course, that in large cities (with a population of more than 100,000 people) Internet use is much higher. According to the statistics of Internet users in the cities more than 42% of the population over 12 years old use the Internet at least one time per month. Continue reading

How to choose a web hosting? Useful tips.But, you know, that the free cheese – only in a mousetrap. Gone are the days when free hosting were at the peak of its popularity, there is little in giving than paid. Today, the picture in our world emerging technologies radically opposite.
Of course, before you monetize the site, you need to take care of the speed and the easy accessibility of the resource. Since I am weak in programming, I decided to approach the problem from the other side, namely, to look for a good, inexpensive and fast hosting provider. Today, almost every web site is full of computer bias bright banners with quotations from the very “best” hosts, provision of services of the highest quality.

I naively believing in these tales, without even suspecting wrong (to put it mildly) twice, selecting a fast and cost-effective hosting. Angry at the whole computer world, I decided to ask for advice from our computer genius – Amy leading our SEO blog. Continue reading

Internet wallet. Yandex. Part 1.As an example to describe the internet money and purse, I took perhaps the most well-known system on the Web – Yandex.

So, what is “Internet wallet”? If for some, it is the concept of fear and mistrust, then other online wallet – it’s a natural necessity in the modern world.

Protect Your Wallet

In today’s internet world there are many different and not very large payment systems. In RuNet the brightest of their representatives are WebMoney (WebMoney) and Yandex Money.

The benefits of internet and internet money purses obvious. Here only the most important of their dignity: Continue reading

Program to change the voice onlineFirst, in order to instantly change your voice you have no need to know all the subtleties of voice streams and audio communication channels. All you need – is the presence of this program and a microphone! And easy management of this program gives only an additional attraction to this product. And despite the lack of Russian interface to deal with this software, everyone can.

Secondly, this program is suitable for the most popular and in-demand online services, ranging from all sorts of online games to us all your favorite services such as: Skype, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Paltalk, Odigo, Trillian , NetMeeting …

I think that continue to list all the benefits of this wonderful program change voice in real time is not necessary. Here so everything is clear. The program is indispensable for both professional Dj-s and people working with sound, and for pranksters who love all kinds of practical jokes on friends. Continue reading

Mind games onlineThe game has been a key element of initiations (ritual of the game), and interaction in the professional sphere (business etiquette – it is also a kind of game), and is intelligent game which many devote their spare time, and even affect the self-realization, and even to increase welfare. As you know, in some quizzes and regular participants not only pay cash prizes or award gifts.

Various researchers have interpreted the concept of “game” in their own way. For example, the meaning of the word “play” in most dictionaries, reduces the meaning and essence of the most important concepts in the history of mankind: “play” becomes synonymous with “fun” and “game” is equivalent to “fun.” But it’s not quite right – the game, especially a quiz based on school knowledge can be both very useful. In the first half of the twentieth century educator ST Shatsky noted that “the game involves a variety of experiences that translate into … in certain movements necessary … as air and food.” Continue reading